Public city tour - A personal tour of Murten

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This tour is unfortunately not bookable in French at the moment!

Take part in our public tours and discover Murten from a different perspective. 
Our city guides will give you a well-founded yet entertaining introduction to Murten and its history.

A personal tour of Murten -
Murten has experienced a lot and has exciting stories to tell.

A personal tour of Murten​​​​​​​
SA - 20.06.2020 16:00 to 17:30 
SO - 27.09.2020 11:30 to 13:00

CHF 15.- per person


Meeting point
In front of the tourist office

Reservation (obligatory)
Murten Tourism, Tel. 026 670 51 12 or now online

Tours take place from 8 participants.
If not enough people have registered for the tour, Murten Tourism reserves the right to inform participants of the cancellation one day before the tour. 

From CHF 15

+1 Additional options

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