A personal tour of Murten

From CHF 15

This tour is only available in French and German.

Murten has exciting stories to tell especially on his history. Take part in an extraordinary city tour which will bring you even closer to the city of Murten and its inhabitants.

Did you know that the clock in Murten is wound by hand every day? Or why the first woman at the Murten race was pulled out of the race 100 metres before the finish? 

Learn the exciting story about the first woman who took part in the Murten Run, although women were not admitted at that time. Or learn interesting facts about the old town clock, which must be winded up by hand every day by the “Murtner Daedu” in order to run correctly.

Reservations must be made at least two days in advance.

From CHF 15

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  • Treffpunkt vor dem Berntor (Kiesplatz ausserhalb der Altstadt)
  • Begleiteter Spaziergang durch Murten


  1. Murten