Guided tour "Amüseum"

From CHF 160

A theatrical and bilingual promenade through the old town of Murten. This Tour is available in German or French

The Museum offers in collaboration with Murten Tourism a new way to discover the picturesque old town village of Murten while being immersed in its history. This theatrical tour leads the visitor trough the old town to the museum. It incorporates interesting facts about the history of the Murten old town and its personalities. A "amüséante" wat to experience Murten in both languages, French and German.

This Tour is only available for german or french speaking people.


90 minutes

From CHF 160

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  • Treffpunkt vor der französischen Kirche (franz. Kirchgasse)
  • Theatralischer Rundgang durch Murten mit Besuch im Museum


  1. Murten