Guided tour "The Original"

From CHF 12

Discover our old town’s charm and dive into its surprising history while accompanied by one of our guides.

Find out why Murten is a bilingual town and why it is a Calvinistic stronghold inside a mostly Catholic canton. Why was the Battle of Murten so important? Why are there arcades on the main street? Have you got more questions? Well, we have (almost) all the answers!

School Classes
"The Original" for school classes (1st to 9th Grades)
Guided tour with a competition especially for kids an teenagers. The winner gets a little present. The questionnaires for the competition are available in German or French.

From CHF 12

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  • Treffpunkt vor dem Berntor (Kiesplatz ausserhalb der Altstadt)
  • Begleiteter Spaziergang durch Murten mit Besuch der Ringmauer


  1. Murten
  2. Bernstrasse 1, Morat
  3. Murten
  4. Murten
  5. Murten
  6. Murten
  7. Murten
  8. Murten
  9. Murten
  10. Murten
  11. Murten